The House of Hohenzollern is a noble family and royal dynasty of Prince-electors, kings, and emperors of Prussia, Germany, and Romania. The family comes from Hohenzollern, a area around the town of Hechingen in Swabia and it belonged to the Holy Roman Empire. They family took their name from Hohenzollern Castle, during the 11th century.
The House of Hohenzollern split into two branches, the Catholic Swabian branch and Protestant Franconian branch,which later became the Brandenburg-Prussian branch. The Swabian branch ruled the area of Hechingen until their eventual extinction in 1869. Branches of the Franconian branch ruled of Margravate of Brandenburg and of the Duchy of Prussia. In 1701 the union of two Franconian branches create the creation of the Kingdom of Prussia, which led the unification of Germany and the creation of the German Empire in 1871.
The Weimar Republic bringing an end to the modern German monarchy of the House of Hohenzollern

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