Order of Saint Stanislaus, Type II, Military Division, I Class Set, by J. Keibel, c. 1870


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$11,000 USD

  • St. Stanislaus, Type II, Military Division, I Class Set by J. Keibel, c. 1870

Estimated market value:

$11,000 USD


  • Country
  • Composition
    Gold/Silver gilt/Enamelled & Silver/Silver gilt
  • Size
    Cross, 66 x 60 mm; Star, 92x92mm
  • Version Remarks
    Offered by Hermann Historica Auctioneers, Munich in May 2019 (unsold).

Physical Description and Item Details

Order of St. Stanislaus, 1st Class set, Russia, circa 1870.
Gold and gilt silver, enamelled. Gold cross with maker’s mark "IK" for Julius Keibel and double-headed eagle mark on the reverse. The loop with indistinct St. Petersburg mark of fineness for "56" zolotniki. Dimensions 66 x 60 mm, weight 30 g. Partly gilt silver breast star with maker’s mark "Keibel" on the reverse, double-headed eagle mark and St. Petersburg mark of fineness for "84" zolotniki. Pin with kokoshnik head mark, and repeated maker’s mark and double-headed eagle mark, respectively. Dimensions 92 x 92 mm. Weight 56 g. Original ribbon of 11.5 cm width and approx. 76 cm length.


Originally this was a Polish Order created on May 7, 1765 by King Stanislaus II, to honour the Patron Saint of Poland, St. Stanislas of Krakow.

This Order became a Russian Order after the Polish Rebellion of 1830, when Polish forces were suppressed. It was adopted as a Russian Order in 1831.

The version with an eagle was awarded to Non-Christians, and the version with swords was awarded to military personnel.

The obverse features an inscription, translated as "Encourages by Rewarding".

The earliest stars was embroidered in silver.


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