Located on the southwestern edge of Europe, Spain along with Portugal constitute the Iberian Peninsula. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. At the northeast border are the French Pyrenees, and at the southern border is Morocco. Spanish is its official language, and Madrid is the Capital and largest city.

Spain is well known as a country with a strong-rooted tradition of knighthood, and gallant men who fought against the enemies of the Christianity. In spite of its strong alliance with the roman church, it is also recognized as a country with enormous variety of culture and customs. It is composed by a couple big cities and innumerable small “pueblos” (villages and its people), each one with a vigorous and long tradition.

For some historians and researchers, the Spanish Civil War was a prelude to World War II. Thousands of people died in the war, which pitted the elected socialist-led government against Franco’s right-wing nationalist forces. In 1939, Barcelona was captured, and soon after, the Republicans were surrounded bringing the civil war to an end. Nevertheless, it is considered that the civil war was a consequence of the long and deep division that exists in Spain since the Napoleonic invasion and the fall of the totally monarchy in 1808.

As an effort to capture the Spanish tradition and customs, Medal Book is dedicated in the researching of the several kind of decorations existing in Spain. The country is organized by Orders, Medals & Decoration, and Badges & Insignias.


Blasones Hispanos:
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