Order of Charity, Type I, I Class Star

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  • I Class Star Obverse
  • I Class Star Obverse
  • I Class Star Reverse
  • I Class Star Reverse


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    May 17, 1856


The Order of Charity (Orden Civil de Beneficencia) was founded by Queen Isabel II/Isabella II on May 17, 1856. It was established in recognition of the charity, solidarity, courage and valor of those volunteers who attended the cholera infection in Spain between 1854 and 1855.

The Order was awarded to those individuals, whatever their social class, profession or occupation, who spontaneously, or by delegation of authority, rendered extraordinary services to the needy in time of public calamities. It was awarded also to those who had made voluntary donations according to their fortunes.

Originally, the Order consisted of I Class, II Class, and III Class. The Grand Cross was added in 1910.

The Order was suspended by the First Spanish Republic in 1868, and it was re-instituted by the Restoration in 1875. In 1931, it was abolished again by the Second Spanish Republic, and restored in 1940 by General Francisco Franco. It was finally abolished in 1989, and it was replaced by the Civil Order of Social Solidarity.

The Order's badge was modified in 1910, and four different distinction were created relating to the services rendered for the recipient.

The Order is classified into Types based on the badge's change of 1910. Type I includes the Order's first design from 1856 to 1910; and Type II includes the Order's second design from 1910 to 1989 in its four distinctions.


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