Order of St. Anne, Type II, Civil Division, Medal for Foreigners


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  • Medal for ForeignersObverse

Estimated market value:

$40000 USD


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    40.5mm x 27.5mm
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    Sold by Morton & Eden Ltd., in 2011 for £42,000.

Physical Description and Item Details

Medal for Foreign Recipients, Gold and enamel, by Eduard, extremely fine condition.


The Order of St. Anne was founded in memory of Schleswig-Holstein's wife Anna Petrovna (daughter of Peter the Great). Emperor Paul I established the Order as purely Russian. It was initially awarded for distinguished civil merit, and was expanded as a military award for war service after 1855.

The award was conferred by Duke Frederick of Schleswig-Holstein in memory of his wife Anna Petrovna, and was not considered a Russian award. The Type I Order was awarded only one Colonel, the Col. E.I. Vlastov.

The insignia of St. Anne on the badge and the cross on the star was changed to the Imperial Eagle when awarded to non-Christians.

The IV Class was added to the Order in 1815 by Alexander I. And was worn on the hilt of the sword.


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