General Service Medal (Nut lil Shurta al-Khidmat al-Awal) (with "Eastern District 1927" clasp)


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The General Service Medal, also known as the "Active Service Medal", (Nut lil Shurta al-Khidmat al-Awal) was instituted by King Faisal I by Royal Decree on May 15, 1926. The Medal may also be referred to as the King Faisal War Medal.
The Medal was awarded to Iraqi military personnel in recognition of service in specified military operations in Iraq between 1924 and 1936. The Medal was first issued for service in the Eastern District of Iraq between May 24, 1924, and December 18, 1924, and between March 23, 1925, and September 30, 1925; but the award was later extended to recognize additional campaign service.

British Army and Air Force personnel who served in or with Iraq during the interwar qualifying period were also eligible for the award of the Medal. The Medal is believed to have been modified and continued after the revolution of 1958, but more research is needed.

Clasps with an Arabic inscription of the campaign and date of service were issued for wear on the ribbon to denote additional operations. The following translated clasps are authorized for wear:
1. "Eastern District 1927"
2. "Southern Kurdistan 1930-31"
3. "Barzan 1932"
4. "Barzan 1933"
5. "Euphrates 1935"
6. "Euphrates 1936"

There may be an additional clasp to denote service in the first campaign, but more research is necessary.

The Medal features an Arabic inscription on the obverse which translates to "Faisal I 1927."


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