Vincenz Mayer's Söhne


  • Vinc. Mayer's Söhne Cartouche on a Franz Joseph Order in Gold, Commander's Star
  • Vinc. Mayer's Sohne Cartouche on a Military Merit Order of Maria Theresa, Grand Cross Star


  • Country of Origin
  • Locations
    Vienna, Stock-in-Eisen-Platz 7
  • Institution Date
  • Status
    Closed in 1922
  • Other Names
    V. Mayer's Söhne; Vinc. Mayer's Söhne
  • Known For
    The company is known for producing jewelry, silverware, medals and decorations, such as the Order of the Iron Crown and Imperial Austrian Order of Franz Joseph.


Founded in 1810, this firm was almost as well known as Rothe. The address was Stock-in-Eisen-Platz 7 in the first district of the inner city of Vienna. They made all the Imperial Austrian Orders, along with some smaller pieces such as the Marianna Cross and Red Cross decorations. They also made insignias for various countries, such as Greece, Romania and Serbia. The stars often had a large circular plaque on the reverse with the name and an imperial Austrian eagle. The badges and the stars have initials “V.M” often on more than one location of the piece. After the death of Vincenz Mayer in 1865, his three sons, Vincenz, Joseph and Franz successfully took over the business. Their mark can often be identified as a “VMS” which is usually framed. Their products were of such high quality, there were appointed K.u.K. (royal and imperial) court jewellers and later chamber jewellers to the Emperor and Empress. Due to the economic crisis following the First World War, V. Mayer's Söhne closed in 1922.

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