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    Taken over by Braca Knaus in 1940.


In 1921, Ljudevit Griesbach, a jeweller, started his own company of Gold and Silver Goods factory in Marticeva 25. They created precious metals, silver crafts, watches etc. During this time, he worked closely with Ivo Kerdic, the leading craftsman and artist in the field. In 1923, Griesbach and Kerdic collaborated on significant Croatian Orders.

In 1925, a new company called Griesbach & Knaus was founded at 23 Marticeva Street. Knaus was Griesbach's brother in law. In 1930, Enterprise management was taken over by Ivan Knaus. In 1931, the Jewelry & Silverware department was located at Ilica 15, which stayed until 1936. This department briefly moved to Ilica 35, and reopened back in Ilica 15 in 1937.

Joint work stopped on December 30, 1939, and production was continued by the new Braca Knaus (Brothers Knaus).

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