Saxony, Kingdom

The Kingdom of Saxony originated from the Electorate of Saxony and existed from 1806 to 1918. The capital was Dresden. The Kingdom had an area of 14,993 km2 and a population of 4,806,661 in 1910.

Saxony was an ally of France. From 1807 to 1813, the Kingdom of Saxony was involved every Napoleonic war. After the Battle of Leipzig in 1813, when Napoleon was completely defeated, a greater part of the Kingdom was given to Prussia. Years later, and after the Austro-Prussian War, Saxony joined the Prussian-led North German Confederation in 1867. From 1871, it was part of the German Empire. The Kingdom of Saxony became the fifth state of the German Empire in area and third in population. After the First World War, the King of the Saxony, King Frederick Augustus III, abdicated and the Kingdom became a Free State of Saxony inside the newly-formed Weimar Republic.

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