Badge of Honour (African Countries) (worn on breast, with Queen Elizabeth II cypher, 1954-)


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    Bronze Medals (worn on breast, with Queen Elizabeth II cypher, 1954-) awarded to Nyasaland recipients are rare.


The Badges of Honour (African Countries) were instituted in 1922 and originally awarded to Chiefs and non-European personnel who rendered valuable service to the government of Uganda. The award was later expanded to reward all non-European personnel who provided service to 14 other British Territories in East and West Africa as well as to 3 High Commissioned Territories in South Africa.

The award of the Medal was accompanied with a certificate of honour.

There are multiple versions of the Medal. The Medal was initially awarded as a breast badge until 1954 when thereafter recipients were presented with the option of either a breast badge or a neck badge. The Medal also differs by the obverse cypher of the ruling monarch as well as by the reverse design. The reverse features an inscription of the name of the country of which the recipient served and may depict either the monarch's cypher or an emblem symbolic of the country recognized.

It is uncertain how many reverse versions exist. There may be additional versions of the Medal.


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