Order of Saint Vladimir, Civil Division, IV Class Cross (in gold)


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  • Civil Division, IV Class Badge (in gold)
  • Civil Division, IV Class Badge (in gold)
  • Civil Division, IV Class Badge (in gold)

Estimated market value:

$1200 USD


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    Obv: SV Rev: 22 CEHTAБPA 1782
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Physical Description and Item Details

An Imperial Russian Order of St. Vladimir; Civil Division, Fourth Class - 35mm, in bronze-gilt and enamels, circa 1916-17, by Dimitri Osipov ( marked “K” and Cyrillic “DO” on the low arm on reverse under enamel), in very good condition.


The Order was founded by Catherine the Great. It was at first created as a purely civilian award, and conferred upon those who served the state for at 35 years. In addition, it was conferred upon those who had assisted during emergencies, epidemics, or famine, and those who had saved others from danger. It could also be bestowed upon the clergy and to those who had made distinguished contribution to their professions.

The military division of this order features crossed swords.

There are several variations in the size and style of the badge.

The obverse features the initials of the Saint.


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