Medal for Defence Service Abroad (Afghanistan)


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Upon its institution in 1993, this Medal was conferred in recognition of service during military operations during the 1990's. It was awarded to Norwegian and foreign civilians and military personnel who served internationally for at least 2 months.

However, due to the establishment of the Medal for Defence Operations Abroad (see NOR146), this medal fell into disuse by 1994.

In 2009, it was re-instituted, and is currently awarded upon Norwegian, and foreign, military personnel in recognition of their distinguishing behaviour, by extraordinary gallantry during risky and unique military operations.

This Medal may only be awarded upon an individual once, and may not be conferred with another Norwegian decoration for the same deed.

If an individual deserves recognition for an additional time, or for outstanding achievement, a rosette is added on the ribbon. There is a maximum limit of three rosettes.

This Medal is awarded by the Chief of Defence.

The laurel wreath and leaves, found on the obverse and reverse design of the medals, is meant to symbolize strength, valour, and loyalty.

This Medal may be awarded posthumously.

Several different ribbons were awarded with this medal to distinguish the area of operation (Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Balkans).

The ribbon to recognize general service is symmetrical upon the center, with a red stripe, a thin white stripe, a dark blue stripe, and a light blue stripe in the center (listed outwards to inwards).

The ribbon to recognize missions in Afghanistan is red with two blue stripes towards the outer edge that are bordered in thin white stripes, and a black and green stripe towards the center of the ribbon.

The ribbon to recognize missions in Saudi Arabia is red with a black stripe down the center, with two white stripes on either side, and the green stripes on either side of the white.

The ribbon to recognize missions in the Balkans is symmetrical upon its center, with a small blue stripe on the edge, beside it a white stripe, then a red, and a yellow thin stripe down the center.

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