Bronze Medal (Libya) Ribbon


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Awarded by the Chief of Defence, this Medal is conferred upon Norwegian, and foreign, military personnel in recognition of at least 30 days of service abroad with the Norwegian Armed Forces. In some cases, it may also be awarded to military staff.

Prior to April 1, 2011, the Medal was conferred for 90 days of service abroad.

This Medal was first conferred on June 22, 2005, to members of the Engineering Corps Telemark Battalion from July 2003 in Iraq.

One medal design is used for all recipients but is awarded with several different ribbons to signify the area of operations of the mission (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo-Serbia-Montenegro, Afghanistan, Operation Active Endeavour, Iraq, Operation Baltic Accession, Sudan, Lebanon, Chad, Somalia, Libya, Syria, and Mali). The ribbons are variations of the Norwegian flag and the flag of the region of operation combined into one.

For individuals who have rendered multiple operations in the same region, the ribbon of the medal is marked with a roman numeral. The roman numeral indicates the number of operation periods rendered.

The obverse inscription translates to "Always Prepared".

This Medal may be conferred posthumously.

The price of each the medal may vary by operation.

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