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The Order of St. Charles was established by Prince Charles III by Ordinance on March 15, 1858, and is the highest-ranking decoration in Monaco. It is conferred in recognition of meritorious service rendered to the State or the Sovereign Prince. The Sovereign is Grand Master.

All members of the Order are received as Knights, and all promotions are made based on services rendered in the previous grade. Knights may be promoted to Officer after 4 years, Officers may be promoted to Commander after 3 years, Commanders may be promoted to Grand Officer after 4 years, and Grand Officers may be promoted to Grand Cross after 5 years. These requirements do not apply to members of the Royal Family or foreigners. The Order may also be conferred in absence of any service requirements in recognition of exceptional actions.

The Officer is identical to the Grand Officer, however, only the Grand Officer is worn with a Breast Star. It features an obverse inscription that translates to "Prince and State," and a reverse inscription that translates to "By God's Help."


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