Hero of Socialist Labour, Type II, Gold Star (1954-1964)


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Estimated market value:

$300+ USD


  • Country
    Hungary (Socialist)
  • Composition
    Bronze gilt
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This Title was originally founded by the Soviet Union, and it was restructured in 1953 to specifically reward citizens of the Hungarian People's Republic in 1953.

The Hungarian branch of this Title was conferred upon important Hungarians in recognition of meritorious efforts in Socialism, and within the promotion of Socialist ideology.

The Type II Gold Stars were worn on a red ribbon with additional stripes corresponding with the Hungarian flag colours through the centre of the ribbon.

There are two models of the Type II stars.

The stars awarded in 1954 feature the small smooth design of the Type I stars.

The stars awarded from 1954 to 1964 feature a sharply defined star with a crease along each star arms.


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