Located on the heart of Europe, France has been one of the most influential countries in the continent. It is surrounded by several countries. At the east by Italy and Switzerland, and northeast by Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium. At North its principal border is the English Channel, and at the south, its border is Spain and the Mediterranean Sea. French is its official language, and Paris is the Capital and largest city.

France is well known as a country with a vigorous and convoluted history. During the Monarchies era, France built a long and strong-rooted tradition connected with the Roman church. The most prestigious Order of knighthood founded in defence of Christianity was established in France during this period. In spite of its strong monarchical tradition, France encouraged the Revolution against it in 1789, and propagated the principles of the Republic and the fall of monarchy throughout Europe during the Napoleonic Wars.

During World War II, France suffered significant damage and casualties. It fought bravely against German Forces during the occupation; however, it formally surrendered in June 1940. During the occupation (1940-1945), the country was divided into the France of Vichy, the occupation government which captured Paris in 1940, and the Free French government under command of General Charles de Gaulle. In 1944, witnessing the landings of the Allied Forces in Normandy, expelling the German Forces and putting an end to Vichy Regime. One of the most celebrated dated is the Liberation of Paris in August 1944.

In Medal Book, as an effort to follow the history of France, the country is divided into Historical France and Republic of France. Historical France contains the awards and honors established before the last monarchy Restoration ended in 1848. The Republic of France begins with the establishment of the Second Republic at the same year. Each period is organized by Orders, Medals & Decoration, and Badges & Insignias. The Order of the Legion of Honour is contained entirely within Historical France.


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