Order of St. Nina, I Class

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The Order of St. Nina was established by the "society for the restoration of Orthodox Christianity in the Caucasus" for the conservation of the Russian Orthodox faith of the mountain people of the Caucasus. The Award received its name after Saint Nina, which is associated with the Promotion of Christianity in the Caucasus.

In honor of the legendary enlightener of Georgia, it was award to those of the Russian Empire who took an active part in the restoration of Orthodoxy in the Caucasus. The members of the Society were assigned one of four Classes, depending on the amount of money contributed to the purpose of society.

The Order of St. Nina is decorated with a thorn branch and was issued in four classes:

The I Class was given to Honorary members of the society. It is The I Class is an gold and white enamelled cross, with a thin green enamelled cross and a small Gold cross in the centre. For a one-time fee of 2.5 thousand rubles or 250 rubles per year, members could receive it.

Full members of the society were given the II Class for a one-time contribution of 1.5 thousand rubles or an annual fee of 150 rubles. The II Class looks the same as the I Class but without the small Gold cross.

Members of the company were awarded the III Class for a one-time fee of 500 rubles or an annual one 50 rubles each. The III Class Cross is not enamelled.

The IV Class was given to the members of the zealots for a one-time fee of 50 rubles or an annual fee of 20 rubles each. The IV Class is silver without enamels. The inscription on the reverse translates to "ST. NINA THE EQUAL OF THE APOSTLES 1860".

Class I and II was worn on a purple neck ribbon. The Classes III and IV on a purple breast ribbon.


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