Order of St. Anne, Type I (1797-ca.1820), I Class Cross

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  • I Class Badge Obverse
  • I Class Badge Reverse


  • country
  • date of institution
    February 14, 1735
  • makers
    Albert Keibel ; Eduard ; Wilhelm Keibel; Julius Keibel; Dmitri Osipov; Nichols & Plinke; Karl Schubert; Imanuel Pannasch (all from St. Petersburg); and other Russian makers. Russian awards were also manufactured by Austrian, German, French and other European makers.
  • remarks
    The first type of the Order (instituted 1735; as Russian order since 1797- ca. 1820) featured red glass/crystal arms of the cross while the star were embroidered versions; the second type (ca. 1820-1917) featured enamelled arms of the cross, with in between the arms "broad" eagles (until ca.1850), with wings almost touching, while the star started to be manufactured in silver, silver gilt/Gold, with enamelled center. The later type (ca. 1850-1917) featured "slender" eagles between the arms, while the star continued to be manufactured in silver, silver gilt/Gold, with an enamelled center. This insignia could be awarded "with Diamonds" (and since ca. 1855, "with Crown", for exceptional Merit; "with Swords" for Military Merit; and with "imperial Eagle" in the center to non-Christians. Since the creation of the Order, the insignia of the order had undergone substantial variations in respect to size and design. The value of higher-end Russian Orders varies greatly; value depends on period and quality of manufacture, maker and the provenance; as well as value of Russian currency and general economic situation in Russia.


The Order of St. Anne was founded in memory of Schleswig-Holstein's wife Anna Petrovna (daughter of Peter the Great). Emperor Paul I established the Order as purely Russian. It was initially awarded for distinguished civil merit, and was expanded as a military award for war service after 1855.

The award was conferred by Duke Frederick of Schleswig-Holstein in memory of his wife Anna Petrovna, and was not considered a Russian award. The Type I Order was awarded to only one Colonel, the Col. E.I. Vlastov.

The insignia of St. Anne on the badge and the cross on the star was changed to the Imperial Eagle when awarded to non-Christians.


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    Bronze gilt/Crystal/Enamelled

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    This example Sold by eMedals in 2016 for $22,400. The 1st Class measures ca. 60x70mm, or larger. Since the creation of the Order, the i...

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    Bronze gilt/Enamelled/Red Stones

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    This example was estimated by Auktionshaus Andreas Thies for €10,000 in February 2013. Since the creation of the Order, the insignia of t...

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