National Order of the Cedar, Grand Officer Breast Star

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  • Grand Officer Breast Star (Post-Independence, c.1943-) Obverse
  • Grand Officer Breast Star (Post-Independence, c.1943-) Reverse
  • Grand Officer Breast Star (Post-Independence, c.1943-) Reverse Detail


  • country
  • date of institution
    December 31, 1936
  • remarks
    There is limited information regarding version dates. The French Mandate lasted until 1943, however it is unknown if this is consistent with the change of the flag and inscription on the Order. The second version may have been instituted at a later date.


The National Order of the Cedar was initially instituted by Government Decree on December 31, 1936; but was maintained following Lebanon's independence in 1943. The Order is conferred in 5 Classes, plus a Collar, as Lebanon's second highest civil and military honour, behind the Order of Merit Extraordinary and Grand Cordon Class. The Order is often presented by the President of the Republic of Lebanon in recognition of exceptional service to Lebanon, acts of courage, demonstrations of great devotion and moral value, and for public service. Initial appointments to the Order are always made to the Knight Class. Foreigners and ladies may also be eligible for the award.

The Order may also be presented posthumously.

Prior to December 21, 2001, the Grand Officer grade was only awarded as a breast star with a gilt center, but with Decree No. 6946 the grade began to be awarded with the commander neck badge.

Members of the Grand Officer may be entitled to an annuity, but research is necessary to confirm.

There are 2 versions of the Grand Officer Breast Star which vary by inscription. Early versions feature a French inscription and an Arabic inscription which translates to "Lebanon" on the obverse, as well as a French flag superimposed on the reverse. Versions of the Breast Star issued post-independence omit the French obverse inscription and feature a Lebanese flag on the reverse. The date of institution of post-independence Breast Stars is uncertain, with sources ranging from 1943 to 1959.

There may be additional versions of the Breast Star which vary by design, but more research is needed.

There is limited information regarding this item.


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    Silver gilt/Enamelled

  • Inscription

    Obv: [French] REPVBLQVE LIBANAISE / [Arabic] Lebanon

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  • Version Remarks

    The French Mandate Version has a French inscription whereas the Post-Independence version does not.

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    Silver/Silver gilt

  • Inscription

    Obv: [Aarabic] Lebanon

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    The difference between the French Mandate and Post-Independence version is that the Post-Independence version does not have a French Insc...

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