Thomas Harper Ii


  • T.H Mark on A Most Ancient and Noble Order of the Thistle, Collar Badge,1890


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    South Carolina, USA; 207 Fleet Street, London
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Thomas Harper II was born circa 1744, most likley in London. He became a very skilled smith and jeweler in the late 1790s.

Prior to founding his business in England, Harper lived in the American Colonies. He spent the early years of his life in Charleston, South Carolina. Here he advertised as a jeweler, goldsmith and seller of silversmith tools, and he was also involved in the Freemasonry.

Opting not to fight the British, he and his family left for the Dutch West Indies in 1778. He established himself as a silversmith in London in the 1790s and worked until is death in 1832. His firm was located at 207 Fleet Street, London.

A common mark for this maker is "T.H". This mark was registered in1806.

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