Ottoman Imperial Mint


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    Darphane-i Amire
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    Darphane-i Amire


For centuries in the Ottoman Empire, a variety of privately owned mints produced coins. The mint at Istanbul (Constantinople) established itself as the national mint of the Ottoman Empire. Majority of the medals did not carry the mint's maker mark, however, some medals were marked with the Tughra of the reigning Sultan at the time, which assists in dating the piece. The mint employed a variety of citizens: Muslims, non-Muslims, Armenians, Turks.

In 1723, the Mint was moved from Simkeşhane to Topkapı Palace. In 1773-1774, in the reign of Abdulhamid I, the Mint started to function as a reserve to the Hazine-i Amire (Central Bank). The Mint was expanded in 1832 with the addition of new workshops. In 1843, the mint in Istanbul became the only mint of the Ottoman Empire as other mint activities were terminated. In 1933, the Mint was merged with the Printing House Directorate.

The Mint had to keep up with the demand for coinage and in 1961 construction on a new building began. By 1967 the Mint at the new building began producing coins. The Mint is currently active.

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