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    115093, Moscow, Danilovskiy Val, 1
  • Institution Date
    April 25, 1942


The history of minting in Moscow spans back several centuries, but the founding date for the modern firm is April 25, 1942. It was difficult for the Leningrad Mint (currently Saint Petersburg Mint) at Krasnokamsk to keep up with the demand for military awards, decorations and orders and the Moscow branch of the Mint joined to work on production.

During World War II, the Mint mainly employed women, teenagers and trade school graduates. In 1945, the Artistic Casting Workshop was founded at the Mint and copper alloy products were produced. In 1946, the first medals for Russian school graduates were produced at the Mint and were made of gold and sterling silver. In 1949, the Melting and Rolling Mill Section was founded at the Mint which improved the quality of productions of precious metals.

The Artistic Casting Workshop closed in the early 1950s as copper alloy products were not in high demand. The Mint applied for the production of diamond tools in 1953.

In 1968, the Council of Ministers of the USSR decided to build a new production site at Goznak. The construction started in 1974. In 1977, a separate workshop was created at the Moscow Mint for the production of coins of the Olympic Games in Moscow. In 1982 the construction of the new Moscow Mint was completed.

In 1993, the Moscow Mint produced composite coins of non-ferrous metal with the face values of 50 and 100 roubles.

Today, the Moscow Mint is one of the largest coin and order production sites in the world. It is the main manufacturer of the Russian subsidiary coins of all face values.

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