Monetaria Nationala, Bucharest


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  • Country of Origin
  • Locations
    Kisselef Road, Bucharest, Romania. Bulevardul Ion Mihalache Nr 119, Bucharest 011178, Romania
  • Institution Date
    February 24, 1870
  • Status
    The company is currently active.
  • Other Names
    State Mint Bucharest; Monetăria Statului
  • Remarks
    Monetăria Statului
  • Known For
    The Monetaria Nationala produces medal,s decorations, orders, commemorative coins, objects made of gold and silver, tokens, seals, badges and engraved objects.


Monetaria Nationala was founded in 1870 in Bucharest, Romania. The mint had difficulties establishing itself as all taxes and customs were paid directly in gold. The Mint resumed its minting in 1879 without any restrictions due to taxes and customs. After 1890, Romanian currency began to be ordered abroad again as it was prior to 1870. Attempts were made in 1924 and again in 1929 to reestablish the Mint, but they were to no avail. However, it did continue to produce medals. By Royal Decree No. 392, the National Mint was reestablished on February 22, 1935.

In 1958 the jewelry sector opened at the Mint. Two years later, in 1960, the Mint developed its own technology to produce nickel-plated steel. In 1990, the government decided to organize the Mint as an autonomous administration under the National Bank. In 1992, the Mint began replacing the old currency of the socialist republic.

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