K.G. Luke


  • K.G. Luke Melbourne Australia Mark on American Wings


  • Country of Origin
  • Locations
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  • Institution Date
  • Other Names
    K.G. Luke Pty. Ltd.
  • Known For
    Australian medals, 1956 Olympic Games Medals, US War Insignia and Wings


Sir Kenneth George Luke (1896-1971) became a partner in a metal-spinning and silverware business in Carlton, Australia in 1921. By 1925, he owned the company and it would become a successful silverware and military accoutrement firm.

In 1930, the company was listed as K.G. Luke Pty. Ltd. and by 1953 had become K.G Luke (A/Asia) Ltd. Once again the firm changed its name to Luke Limited in December of 1976. Shortly thereafter, this company was taken over by National Consolidated Limited in October, 1983.

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