• Garrard Cartouche on India (Patiala). The Superb Patiala Royal Family Order (Nishan-i-Phul) of Maharaja Bhupendra Singh
  • H.G Mark on rance, Second Republic. A Literary Society's Indian Moghul Empire Order, Grand Cross, by Garrard, c.1845


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    London. 25 Haymarket; 24 Ablemarle Street; 112 Regent street
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In 1721, George Wickes opened a shop on Panton Street, and began a company that would be a household name in the 21st century. In 1735, the establishment was appointed “Goldsmith, Jeweller and Silversmith” to the Prince of Wales, and it catered to the lavish requests. A Mr. Wakelin entered the firm in 1747 and the name changed to Wakelin & Parker in 1759 and then to Wakelin & Taylor several years later. The firm came into the hands of Robert and Sebastian Garrard in 1792. In 1843 Queen Victoria appointed the firm the first official crown jewellers, under the name R. & S. Garrard & Co. Panton Street.

In the 1870s, they relocated to 25 Haymarket until 1911, and then moved to 24 Ablemarle Street until 1952. Around that time the firm merged with Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company, Ltd located at 112 Regent street. Due to the merge, the name became Garrard & Company Ltd. Before 1913, the mark was often R.G and afterwards, S.G. They have created every British order since the 1840s, and have made numerous international insignia. All of their products exhibit excellent workmanship.

This is still an active firm, known for creating the jewellery for the Royal family.

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