Firmin & Sons


  • Firmin London Mark on RFC Collar Tabs


  • Country of Origin
  • Locations
    Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • Institution Date
  • Status
  • Known For
    British Medals, Badges and Insignia


Thomas Firmin was borin in Ipswich, Suffok in 1632, and was apprenticed to The Girdlers Company. This company survived the Great Fire of London, and records show that Firmin's business was established as of 1655.

The company began manufacturing buttons and eventually began creating every time of uniform, livery, badge and accoutrements to go with them. "From ceremonial and parade dress to modern operational gear Firmin equips the British military and those of 34 other countries for every aspect of their roles."

This firm can therefore be identified as the oldest manufacturing company and one of the ten oldest established companies in the United Kingdom, and is among the oldest 500 companies in the world.

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