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    Belgium. Greepstraat, 9, Brussels. Belgium. Greepstraat, 15, Brussels. Belgium. Zwarte Maagdstraat, 8, Brussels. Belgium. Moutstraat, 8 + H. Mausstraat, 45, Brussels.
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    Établissements Fisch-Fibru; Établissements Fibru Fischand; FIBRU NV; BVBA Fibru Europ


Antoine Fisch was born in 1827. Prior to establishing Fibru, he studied with J. Würden. Fisch moved to Brussels and established Fibru in 1853 at Greepstraat, 9. In 1865, the business moved to Greepstraat, 15 and stayed there until 1873. In 1873, the business moved again to Zwarte Maagdstraat, 8 and stayed there until 1888 when it moved to Moutstraat, 8 + H. Mausstraat, 45. In the last two years of Antoine’s life the business was located at Moutstraat, 16. Antoine Fisch died in 1892 and his children, Joseph, Antoinette and Paul, took over the business alongside their mother, Jeanne Wicot. The company moved to Antoine Dansaertstraat, 40-42 in 1892 and remained at that location until 1936.

In 1898, Paul Fisch decided to establish his own company and Joseph maintained Fibru at Antoine Dansaertstraat, 40-42 with his wife Marie and their son, Fernand Fisch. In 1937, the Fisch workshops moved to Edmond Rostandstraat, 59-63 in Scheut (Anderlecht). On the hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the business in 1853 Fernand Fisch converted the company into a limited company. The name then became Établissements Fisch-Fibru and then in 1958 it’s changed to Établissements Fibru Fischand. In 1963, the business was acquired by Pierre Fisch and his siblings Christian and Chantal. In 1966, Christian and Chantal sold their shares of the business to Marie-Louise Dupont and Paul Bertrand. In 1973, Fisch acquired Anc. Éts. Fonson (established 1848). Pierre Fisch moved to Canada in 1974 and passed the business to Marie-Louise Dupont and Paul Bertrand. In 1988 the company name changed to FIBRU NV. That same year the company was split into two separate entities. In 1998 the company filed for bankruptcy and the company was restarted as BVBA Fibru Europ.

The medals associated with this firm are mostly marked with A. Fisch, J. Fisch, Fisch & Cie, Fibru and Fisch Fonson.

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