• Cravanzola Cartouch, Italy, Order of the Crown, Commander's Star


  • Country of Origin
  • Locations
    Rome. Via Del Corso 338; Via Del Corso 338-339-340; Corso Umberto I 338-339-340
  • Institution Date
  • Status
    Taken over by Raviolo and Gardino in 1916


In 1850, the Fratelli Borani in Turin were the main Roman jewellers. They made all of the Sardinian Orders, along with many others. A workshop was opened in Florence in 1866, and shortly after transferred to Rome in 1871. It was that same year that a Borani employee, Domenico Cravanzola took over the business in Rome, which would continue in his name until 1916. He was the principal jeweller in Italy at this time, a purveyor of the Royal house of Italy, and made all of the Royal Italian Orders, the San Marino Orders, and those of a number of other countries. The first address was Via Del Corso 338, which later changed to in the 1880s to Via Del Corso 338-339-340. In 1905 the address changed to Corso Umberto I 338-339-340, likely due to the assassination of King Umberto I in 1900.

In 1916, the firm was taken over by Raviolo and Gardino, however the former left in 1928. Since then, the name has been “Ditta Cravanzola, E. Gardino Successori.” They still provide orders for a number of countries. See Raviolo and Gardino for more information.

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