Carl Frederik Carlman


  • "C.F.C" Mark


  • Country of Origin
  • Locations
    Regeringsgatan 15; Biblioteksgatan 2.
  • Institution Date
  • Other Names
    C.F. Carlman
  • Known For
    Swedish Orders.


Carl Frederik Carlman was a co-director of the Hjortzberg firm, located at Regeringsgatan 19 in 1854, prior to taking over in 1855. The firm moved to Regeringsgatan 15 in 1864, and ten years later to Biblioteksgatan 2. Carlman’s son Ryno succeeded him in 1889, and Ryno was then succeeded by his son Sven in 1928. Sven’s son Rolf took over after his father’s death in 1963.

In 1893, the firm participated in the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, representing Sweden as a Jeweller. Previously he was awarded an 1892 Gold medal, Diploma of honor and Honorary medal of the Queen of Holland.

This firm was the primary jeweller in Stockholm, made all of the Swedish orders and some Norwegian St. Olav insignia.

The mark is “C.F.C.”

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