Alexander Clark Co. Ltd.


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    London. 138 Fenchurch Street. Birmingham. James St. Works, St. Pauls. London. 29 Market Place. London. 188 Oxford Street. London. 125-126 Fenchurch Street. London. 38-40 Mitre Street, Aldgate. Sheffield. 17 Sycamore Street. London. 38 Leadenhall Street.
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  • Other Names
    Alexander Clark & Co., The Alexander Clark Manufacturing Company, The Alexander Clark Manufacturing Co.


The Alexander Clark Manufacturing Company was established in 1891 by Clift Alexander Mawer Clark at 138 Fenchurch Street in London, England. It opened a manufacturing premises in 1894. The firm was active from 1894 to 1910 at 29 Market Place in London, from 1900 to 1915 at 188 Oxford Street in London, from 1909 to 1918 at 125-126 Fenchurch Street in London. It was also active at 38-40 Mitre Street in London and at 17 Sycamore Street in Sheffield in 1921. It was also active at 38 Leadenhall Street in London in 1941.

In 1912, the company was converted to a limited liability company under the name Alexander Clark Company Ltd. (also known as Alexander Clark Co. Ltd.). According to The London Gazette, dated February 3, 1939, Clark died on September 25, 1938.

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