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The Queen, Medal

The Queen Medal (Thai: เหรียญราชินี) has the abbreviation "S.P." (Saovabha Phongsri: the original name of the Queen). It is a commemorative coin created in the year 1897. Currently, it is classified as a coin that has passed the royal period.

The Queen's Coin is a coin given by Her Majesty Queen Saovabha Phongsri. (Queen Sri Bajarindra Her Majesty the Queen Mother) graciously graciously granted To be built by receiving royal permission from His Majesty King Chulalongkorn At that time he was a regent. During His Majesty King Chulalongkorn's first trip to Europe in April-December 1897, the appearance of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn's royal speech At the time he still held the royal title It is Queen Saovabha Phongsri. He reigned over different kingdoms. During his trip to Europe in 1897, one passage read:

"We are grateful to you. All that were obtained by His Majesty His Majesty On this trip to Europe, many of you have followed His Majesty to protect and protect. and respond to His Majesty's grace in His Majesty the King By loyalty to His Majesty the King and has taken care of the order All this time until he returned to the capital. Just like one of you Has always helped protect our lives. So thank you all very much. When we remember the kindness that you all have given us. Therefore, the Queen coin was created specifically. and received royal permission in His Majesty the King that will be given to you today Receive it to decorate your body. It is a remembrance that we thank you all this time for all of you."

Characteristics and decoration
The Queen's coin has a single layer, is a round silver coin. On the front side, there is a crossed monogram "SP". On the back, there is the word "Royal Blessing" at the top edge. The bottom edge has the word "R.E. 116" in the middle, a plain silver base for inscribing the name of the recipient. The satin strip is light blue, 3.2 centimeters wide, for decoration on the left side of the shirt's chest.

Queen Sri Bajarindra Her Majesty the Queen Mother created this medal to be given to royalty, government officials, as well as soldiers and sailors on royal ships accompanying her on that occasion.

original coin condition through actual use
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