Siamese Interallied Victory Medal of WWI (Narai Banjai Medal) (1921)





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The Chai Medal or the Narai Banjai Medal (English: The Chai Medal) is a royal medal given as a souvenir to those who served during World War I. which was established and bestowed by King Maha Vajiravudh (Rama 6) and designed by Prince Itthithepsan Kridakorn

Prince Damrong Rajanubhab
He wrote about the history of the victory medal as follows:

King Maha Vajiravudh (Rama6) to be built in (Year of the Rooster) 2464 B.E. There is a ribbon to hang coins like every country. Individual coins, depending on which country will choose to make have similar morphologies as satisfied

There is only one type of Victory Medal. It is a round bronze medal.
In the front, in the middle, is a picture of Narai Banluchai.
On the back, there are letters that read "The Great War for Civilization" and there is a loop for hanging the ribbon.
The ribbon is rainbow-colored and 3.7 cm wide. The color of the medallion's ribbon is the color according to the agreement of the Allied Conference. Used to decorate the left side of the chest.

This set of medals There is a coin made in 1921 which is the real coin. with the club evening gown coin (miniature coin) that comes together

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