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Saimai Bangkok Thailand

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Dushid Mala, Medal, I Class

The Dushdi Mala Medal (Thai: เหรียญดุษฎีมาลา, RTGS: Dutsadi Mala) is a civil decoration in the honours system of Thailand, and the highest-ranked medal among those granted for services to the state. The award was established by King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) in 1882 to celebrate the centennial of the Rattanakosin Kingdom. Originally given in five categories, each with an associated pin attached as a medal bar, today it is only awarded for distinguished services in the domains of the arts and sciences, which is denoted by the Pin of Arts and Science (Sinlapa Witthaya).

In this medal It is a medal for Royal Service.(Ratchakan Nai Phra-ong (ราชการในพระองค์)) and for service to the country. (Sinlapa Witthaya (ศิลปวิทยา)) which is the first model in Siam The body is made of silver. This medal is a genuine silver medal from the year it was created and has actually been used, which is in perfect condition.

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