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    May 21, 1941
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    Spink & Son Ltd., London; J.Tostrup, Oslo; Ottar Hval, Oslo; Sporrong
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This Cross, established by King Haakon VII, is the highest ranking award of Norway. It takes precedence over all Orders and Medals.

From 1941-1945, this Cross was conferred upon Norwegian or foreign military personnel for bravery or exceptional leadership during battle in WWII, as well as, Norwegian or foreign civilians who have rendered exceptional distinction in military or civilian roles in wartime. On June 26, 2009, the statutes were amended, and since then the Cross has been conferred upon individuals who have rendered service in armed conflict, and whilst doing so, have distinguished themselves with leadership in an extraordinary manner. This Cross can be conferred posthumously or to next of kin.

The Cross is conferred by the King in Council.

For approximately 50-60 years this Cross was not conferred as there was no system good enough in Norway to honour distinguishing individuals of the Armed Forces, including operations abroad. The Cross was then re-instituted in 2009, although since then all recipients have been Norwegian Nationals.

Since 1945 this medal has also been known as the War Cross with Swords.

At its initial institution, before 1945, the Cross may have been conferred with or without a sword shaped clasp on its ribbon. When an individual was awarded the War Cross for an additional time, a star shaped clasp was added on its ribbon. After 1945, the Cross was always conferred with a sword shaped clasp on it's ribbon. When an individual is awarded the War Cross for an additional time, additional sword shape clasps are added on the ribbon.

The Cross was manufactured by Spink & Son Ltd., London, during WWII. Manufactures of the clasps include J. Tostrup, Oslo, Sporrong, and Ottar Hval, Oslo. Due to multiple manufactures the insignia may vary slightly in design from Cross to Cross.


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War Cross

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