Order of Kossuth, II Class

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    Hungary (Socialist)
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This Order is a continuation of the Order of Kossuth that was originally founded during the Republic of Hungary (1944-1949).

It was re-established, and its statutes were amended, by the government of the Hungarian People's Republic in 1950. The I Class, Small I Class, and II Class awards were discontinued, and the Order was meant to be awarded to Hungarians and foreign citizens for extraordinary service within the arts and sciences, and in fostering world peace.

The Order was not awarded to a single recipient following the amendments made by the Hungarian People’s Republic.

The Order is named after Lajos Kossuth, a Hungarian freedom fighter and the Regent-President of Hungary from 1848-1849.

The II Class of the Order of Kossuth that was awarded during the Hungarian People's Republic (1949-1989) is identical in form to the II Class Breast Star of the Order of Kossuth awarded during the Republic of Hungary (1944-1949).

See Order of Kossuth, HUN148, in the Orders of the Republic of Hungary (1944-1949) for more information.


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