Order of the Golden Kite, V Class Badge

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  • Order of the Golden Kite, V Class Badge Obverse
  • Order of the Golden Kite, V Class Badge Obverse
  • Order of the Golden Kite, V Class Badge Reverse


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    February 12, 1890
  • remarks
    This grade may be awarded to Junior Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Enlisted Rank Soldiers; however, there is evidence that it may also be awarded "en masse".


Order of the Golden Kite (金鵄章) is a military decoration of Japan. The order was established with 7 class and only award to Military men or non-combatant service men.
The suggestion and prototype design of the order were submitted in 1887 and should be officially established in that year. However, due to some manufacturing difficulty, the design of the order was reformed in next year. The original design of this order can still be seen in government files in 1888. The order was officially established in 1890 with the new proper design.
The order was abolished in 1947.
The awarding of this order follows strict regulations which depends on both military ranks and merits.
The 5th class can be award to junior officers as "first award of the order" (初叙), or NCOs with heroic merits (before 1938), or NCOs with outstanding merits. (after 1938)


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