Army Commendation Medal

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  • Army Commendation Medal


  • country
    United States
  • date of institution
    December 18, 1945
  • remarks
    The rank, regiment and actions of the recipient will influence the value of the decoration.


The Army Commendation Medal was initially established as the "Army Commendation Ribbon" by the War Department on December 18, 1945. The Medal was created to reward junior soldiers for acts of achievement and meritorious service outside of combat backdating to December 1, 1941, and for service which does not merit a Soldier's Medal or a Bronze Star. Awards were made to any recipient of a letter of commendation from a Major General or higher prior to January 1, 1946. The criteria for the award was later expanded to include General Officers during peacetime. In 1948 the Army Commendation Ribbon was renamed the "Commendation Ribbon", and in 1950, the name was once again changed to the "Commendation Ribbon with Metal Pendant." Since 1960, the award has officially been known as the "Army Commendation Medal." Currently, the Medal may also be awarded to any member of another branch of the United States Armed Forces or of a friendly foreign nation who provides distinguished or meritorious service which is of a mutual benefit to both the United States and the foreign nation. Acts of combat valour are also eligible for the award.

Awards for acts of combat valour and heroism are denoted by a bronze "V" device worn on the ribbon.

It is uncertain if the reverse is officially engraved with the recipient's details.


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    The rank, regiment and actions of the recipient will influence the value of the decoration.

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