Navy Good Conduct Medal, Type II (1880-)

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    The rank, regiment and actions of the recipient will influence the value of the decoration.


The Navy Good Conduct Medal was originally established by the Secretary of the Navy, A.E. Borie, on April 26, 1869, as the "Good Conduct Badge." The Nickel Cross was initially awarded until 1880 when the Bronze Medal superseded the Nickel Cross as an award for Navy Good Conduct. The Bronze Medal was awarded to Navy personnel who had received a Continuous Service Certificate in recognition of obedience, sobriety, and cleanliness, as well as for demonstrations of proficiency in gunnery and seamanship. The Medal is awarded upon the completion of an enlistment of 3 years of continuous active duty. In 1896, the "Good Conduct Badge" was officially renamed the "Good Conduct Medal."

Between 1884 and 1930, rounded clasps bordered with a knotted rope design, that featured an obverse engraving of the recipient's station or ship and a reverse engraving of the recipient's discharge date and continuous service number, were authorized for wear on the ribbon to denote additional enlistments. In 1930 the clasps featured an obverse engraving of the recipient's discharge date and service number and a reverse engraving of the recipient's name. Later versions of the clasp featured an inscription of subsequent enlistment awards and omitted the reverse engraving. Since 1953, bronze star emblems worn on the ribbon replaced the clasp to denote subsequent enlistments.

Since it's inception, the Bronze Medal has been worn with various ribbon patterns. Some Medals are known to be worn with the ribbon issued with the 1869 Nickel Cross (equal stripes of red, white, and blue). In 1884, a ribbon featuring a central red stripe bordered by narrow stripes of white and blue was issued, and in 1896, a maroon coloured ribbon was introduced.

There may be additional versions of the Bronze Medal.


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    The Bronze Medal is known to be worn with various ribbon designs. Early issues of the Medal may be worn with later issues of the ribbon a...

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