Order of the Holy Trinity, Knight

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  • Order of the Holy Trinity, Knight Obverse
  • Order of the Holy Trinity, Knight Reverse
  • Order of the Holy Trinity, Knight Obverse
  • Order of the Holy Trinity, Knight Reverse


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    November 2, 1930


This Order was established by Emperor Haile Selassie I on November 2, 1930 in commemoration of his ascension to the throne of Ethiopia. The Order was discontinued as a state award following the collapse of the Empire in 1974 and is currently awarded by the Crown Council of Ethiopia.

It was conferred upon Ethiopian civilians and military personnel in recognition of meritorious services rendered to the crown. It was mostly conferred upon high nobility, clergy, and members of the imperial court, and could also be awarded to foreigners.

The Order was limited to 25 Grand Crosses, 45 Grand Officers, and 55 Commanders. Members of the Imperial Family and foreigners were not included in these limitations. There was an unlimited amount of Officers and Knights. Today, it is only conferred in a single class with a collar, but it is unknown if there are any statutory membership limitations.

The obverse features an Amharic inscription in Ge'ez script that can be translated to "Blessed art Thou dost see the depths, seated upon the cherubim."

There may be additional versions that differ in manufacturer or composition.


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    Bronze gilt

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    Arthus-Bertrand, Paris; Mappin & Webb, London

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